Club History

The beginnings - From 1915 till 1927

Acutally, everything started already in 1914. After German troops had invaded Luxembourg on 2nd August, schools had been closed and the Dommeldange (a neighbouring district to Beggen) steelworks stood still.

As passtime the young Beggeners played football on a simple meadow. Suddenly one of them had the idea to form a real football club.
On a Sunday, the so-called "Märtesdaag", they played a first game against FC Gilsdorf and won it 3-0. This success was quickly known in the northern suburbs of Luxembourg-City and players from Daring Eich and Sporting Dommeldange joined the Beggeners and on 1st July 1915 the club was officially established.
"Etoile Sportive" was the first name of the club and Franz Deitz its first chairman. But there was already a club with this name in the upper town of Luxembourg, so it had to be changed. Foundation member Nic. Tockert suggested "Avenir" as club name and the board decided quickly to accept this promising name.
As fast as possible the members leased a ground at a place called "Dudenhof" and still in 1915 the club joined the Luxembourg Football Association (FLF). In 1917 the club leased a new ground in Beggen itself close to the river Alzette and the steelworks. Later on this ground became the "Stade Emile Metz-Tesch".
In 1918 the club won the 3rd division championship and was promoted to the 2nd division where they stayed until 1923. Due to a lack of young talents and financial problems the team was relegated back to 3rd division.
This crisis didn't last for a long time: the coming back to the 2nd division was perfect after an only season. In 1926 FC Avenir was promoted to the so-called "Promotion", the 2nd league in fact. But in 1927 they went down again after the relegation match against CS Pétange had been lost.


1927 till 1945

For four years FC Avenir Beggen played then in the 2nd division. There were made a lot of efforts in the building up of the club during that time and so in 1931 the team was promoted a second time to the "Promotion" but after one season they went down again. The 10th June 1933 was a milestone in the club's history: the board decided to found a youth team and introduced also obligatory indoor training.
After the 1933/34 season the 1st team had been promoted to the 1st division (which was in fact the 2nd highest division counting 8 teams). After the 1934/35 season the number of teams in that division as well as in the 1st league was increased to 10 teams and due to this FC Avenir stayed in the 1st division although they were in 8th position. In 1933 the youth team played for their first time in the championship and ended up with a 2nd place in their district with Spora Luxembourg being only 1 point ahead of Beggen.
From 1935 until 1937 the ground was completly renewed. On Sunday, 23th May 1937 the new "Stade Emile Metz-Tesch" was inaugurated during the official 20th anniversary celebrations of the club, an anniversary which was officially delayed for 2 years because of the rebuilding of the new ground. FC Avenir played there until 1981 and the ground had seen many great games.
The 1937/38 championship season brought the greatest moment of the club's history until then: the 1st team was promoted to the highest league, the so-called "Eirendivisioun" or "division of honour". Meanwhile the juniors won the championship in the 4th district. Besides this, both teams advanced to the quarter finals of their respective cup competitions. Unfortunately our team stayed only for one season in the "division of honour". In 1938 a very young and unexperienced team was relegated back to the 1st division. There, FC Avenir ended the last pre-war season in the 4th position while the juniors won the district championship again.
After the German invasion, the club was forced to rename itself to "Sport Verein 1915 Beggen", but of course this name was rechanged after the liberation. During the war it wasn't possible to play a normal championship and it lasted until 1945 when finally a new regular championship could be played.


The years after the war: From 1945 till 1959

FC Avenir won the 1945 provisional championship in the 3rd district. The youth team played their first final of the "Coupe Prince Jean" (Prince Jean Cup) on 8th July 1945 against Red Boys Differdange. After an unlucky 2-2 draw the replay match was lost with 0-2. During the first after-war season in 1945/46 Beggen started in the 1st division. The following years had been years of stability, this until 1957. Highlights of this period were the championship win of the "Promotion" (the 3rd league at that time) after our team was relegated in 1948, the reaching of the semi finals of the "Coupe de Luxembourg" in 1946 and 1950, the qualification for the final of the "Coupe de la FLF" in 1949 and in the same year the win of the "Coupe régionale du Centre". These three competitions are in fact different cup competitions.
The juniors won the district championship in 1946, 1951 and 1954. In 1957 they reached the semi finals of the "Coupe Prince Jean" and were also promoted to the 2nd league. The reserves of our 1st team won in 1949 the district championship in the "Promotion". But for our 1st team the 1957-58 season wasn't a great success because of the relegation to the 2nd division at the end of the season.


1959 till 1967

In 1959 it was an extraordinary period of success which was to begin. From 1958 until 1964 coach Jim Kremer laid the foundations of all the following successes in the history of FC Avenir.
After the 1st team won the 2nd division championship they were also champions of the 1st division (1960) and of the so-called "Eirepromotioun" (Promotion of honour), this in 1962. Finally our team was promoted to the 1st league. After the relegation in 1964 they stayed down for an only season and from 1965 till 2006 our team has been playing in the "National Division" without interruption. In 1960 and 1963 the team reached the quarter finals of the Luxembourgish cup. The juniors won in 1959 the 2nd division championship and were promoted to their highest league.
For the first time in the club's history the juniors won in 1960 the "Coupe Prince Jean" after a 2-0 win over US Dudelange. In 1965 they repeated this success with the same score but that time against SC Tétange. In 1959/60 the first FC Avenir schoolboys team played a complete championship season. In 1961, '63, '64 and '65 they won the district championship and in 1964 they were also the winners of the "Challenge Gustave Jacquemart".
From 1960 until 1962 a covered stand as well as terraces had been built at the "Stade Emile Metz-Tesch" and floodlights had been installed too.
This successful period was celebrated in 1965 within the 50th anniversary festifity of the club. The first team ended up in the 6th position in 1965/66 season in the National Division. But the highlight of that year was in fact our juniors' win of the double (championship & cup). Marc Boreux was the new headcoach in 1966 and in that season our 1st team reached the 8th position in the championship and its reserves won the 2nd division championship.


1967 till 1975: The first ever championship win

After having reached the 7th position in the 1967/68 championship FC Avenir won in 1969 its first ever national championship! It was an unforgettable 3-1 away win over Jeunesse Esch, in front of a crowd of over 6000, which decided the championship. By this win our team qualified for the European Championship Winners' Cup where our boys played no one else than big Milan AC (0-5 at Milan, 0-3 at Luxembourg). Besides this they reached the semifinal of the cup competition.

In the following season they ended up only in a 7th position and one more year later in the 4th position. The reserves championship was won in 1972 by our team and the first team reached the 5th position in the National Division. After that season coach Marc Boreux left the club after 6 years of great work. Henri Cirelli was his successor. The junior team won in 1973 one more time the so-called "Coupe des Princes" ("Princes' Cup") and they reached the 2nd position in the championship season. The first team finished that season in the 8th position while the reserves were relegated.
At the beginning of the 1970s some FC Avenir youth teams took part in several international tournaments outside Luxembourg, especially in southern France, which were played at a quite high level. This gave a good reputation to the club and from 17 till 23 August 1973 our club organized such a same tournament on their own. The participating teams came from Marocco, Corsica, Nice, Cannes and Audun-le-Tiche.
In the 1973/74 season the first team reached for the first time in club history the cup final. Unfortunately this game was lost 1-4 against Jeunesse Esch. Despite of this defeat the team qualified for the European Cup Winners' Cup because Jeunesse Esch won also the championship. The oponent in the first international round should have been Paralymni Famagusta from Cyprus. But due to the political crisis in Cyprus this team decided not to play any European game and so FC Avenir qualified for the 2nd round without playing. In this second round they played against Red Star Belgrade (1-6 at Luxembourg-City, 1-5 at Belgrade). Another highlight of that season was our juniors' 2nd championship win.
In 1974/75 FC Avenir qualified for the UEFA Cup after a 2nd place in the national championship.


1975 till 1985: 

A first period of great successes

On 1st september 1975 FC Avenir Beggen played a friendly match against the professional side of FC Metz from France which was lost with 0-4. Another highlight in that year of the club's 60th anniversary was the first participation in the UEFA-Cup where they played against FC Porto (0-7 at Porto, 0-3 at Luxembourg). But the championship season was very hard and it lasted a long time until it was sure that our team wouldn't be relegated. In the following season (1976/77) Josy Krichen became the new headcoach but after only a short time he had to be replaced by Georges Krecké due to several reasons. The first team reached a fifth position in that season while the reserves won their championship in the 4th division and had been promoted. One season later it was again hard not to be relegated and there was a difference of an only point between FC Avenir and the relegated teams of Spora Luxembourg and Stade Dudelange. But the most important event in that 1977/78 season was the extraordinary general meeting where, among other things, a new board had been elected: the "famous" board with Théo Mersch as chairman which has changed only a few times until 2001!
In the 1978/79 season our team reached a 4th championship position and our juniors won their 2nd championship. The new headcoach in the following season came from Austria and his name was Willy Macho. Michel Clement was the assistent coach. Due to several changes in the playing squad the expected advance to the top regions of the league didn't happen (8th position). For that season it must be mentionned that the supporters club "Allez Beggen" celebrated its 20th anniversary in August 1979 by organising a tournament where the teams of Red Boys Differdange, Olympique Eischen, Etzella Ettelbrck and, of course, FC Avenir Beggen participated. The new coach for the 1980/81 season was Jean Bettinger. The team that he trained improved a lot and ended up in a 5th position in the league. A negative point of that season was the relegation of one of the junior teams.
The coming 1981/82 season was a great one because of 2 reasons: 1) on 1st August 1981 the mayor of Luxembourg-City, Camille Polfer, inaugurated the new stadium in the "rue Henri Dunant" (Henri Dunant road). The professional teams of Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER) and FC Metz (FRA) played a gala match for this occasion. Over 3000 attended this first game in the new ground and it was won with 3-1 by the German side of Mönchengladbach. One week later the official inauguration tournament was played where our home side of FC Avenir won the final match with 4-1 against Progrès Niedercorn. At the end of the season another great success was perfect: FC Avenir Beggen won the national championship for the second time with an advantage of 4 points on Progrès Niedercorn and 7 points on current record championship winners Jeunesse Esch.
The most important matches at the beginning of the 1982/83 seasons were the international games in the European Cup against Rapid Vienna (0-5 at Beggen, 0-8 at Vienna). But these results really shocked the whole club. Nevertheless our team stroke back during the season and at the end of it they won the Luxembourgish Cup for the first time in the club history. This event was celebrated in a great manner and it was of course much more important than the second position in the league. But this wasn't the end! In the 1983/84 season Paul Philipp became player-trainer at Beggen. Another important strengthening for the team was the signing on the young international Jean-Paul Girres who moved from Union Luxembourg to FC Avenir. At the end of the season Avenir Beggen dominated the whole Luxembourg football world: they won the cup and the championship and were now one of the 7 only teams that ever won the double. Besides this Armin Krings was the top scorer of the league with 26 goals.
Of course the 1984/85 season was hard because of the big pressure that rested on our team after all these great title wins. And this time they reached "only" a third position in the championship and qualified for the UEFA-Cup. Armin Krings was again top scorer and Paul Philipp left the club at the end of the season and became the new headcoach of the national side.


1985 till 1990

At the beginning of the 1985/86 season Michel Clement became the successor of Paul Philipp. His assistent coach was now the Hungarian Lajos Subits who occupied as well the post of the sports director in the club. The team itself was strengthened by the Luxembourg internationals Théo Malget and Hubert Meunier as well as by the young German Thomas Wolf. All the hope set into the team before the season had been confirmed by winning the 4th championship in the club history. Again Armin Krings was top scorer of the league with 25 goals. Only the reserves team played a bad season and had been relegated.
For the 1986/87 season two new players arrived at Beggen: Martin Jank and Fred Schreiner. At the end of Auguste '86 an international tournament was played in the "Stade Henri Dunant". Participating teams beside the local Eleven were the reserves of Borussia Mönchengladbach and 1.FC Cologne and the team of SC Birkenfeld (all the coming from Germany). At the end of the season Avenir Beggen was at the 2nd place in the table and what's more important is that they won the Luxembourgish Cup by overrunning championship 3rd positionned Spora Luxembourg with a clear 6-0 in the final. And, we can write already "as usually", it was Armin Krings who was the scorer of the season (24 goals). Worth to mention is also the promotion of the reserves.
1987/88: The system to play out the championship in that season was changed by introducing a play-off round after the regular season games. Three new players signed for our club before the season: Alex Wilhelm, David Wynn and Jean Mond. During the season Michel Clement resigned as headcoach because of personal reasons and he was succeeded by Jean-Marie Nrenberg. Our team ended up in the 2nd place in the National Division and they were also 2nd in the cup (0-1 defeat in the final against Jeunesse Esch). We were lucky to qualify for the cup winners' cup because Jeunesse Esch won also the championship. The reserves, by the way, were relegated again.
In the 1988/89 season the former headcoach of the Luxembourg national team, Louis Pilot, became the new coach at Beggen. He could count on 7 new players who can't be mentionned all in this place. The most important games were the European cup competition matches against KV Mechelen from Belgium (0-5 at Mechelen / 1-3 at Luxembourg). After the championship season we were at the 4th place in the play-offs and the cup final was lost also again but this time with 0-2 against Union Luxembourg in the ground of Aris Bonnevoie which hosted the final because of the transformation works at the former "Route d'Arlon" national stadium. That season was the first one after 1982 where our team didn't qualify for a European competition.
In the 1989/90 season Hubert Meunier and Gilbert Dresch (the latter player for nearly 15 years at Beggen) left the club. They were replaced by the French Daniel Ferrassini and Mustapaha Malek and by the Luxembourg international Carlo Weis (our current headcoach). Until the end of the season it looked like if we could win the double again but the 75th anniversary of the club was overshadowed by ab internal crises which had as result that Louis Pilot was fired and quickly replaced by Albert Adams but due to this our team lost a lot of self confidence and the all deciding game at Beggen against Union Luxembourg was lost with 0-1 in front of over 3000 much expecting and later disappointed fans. And a few days later we lost also in the cup semi final at Hesperange against FC Swift with 2-4. The only positive point at the end of that season was the qualification for the UEFA-Cup.


The great but also sad 1990s

This UEFA-Cup qualificaton brought us Inter Bratislava from Slovakia as opponent and the season started very well by beating them 2-1 in our home leg. This win was something like the European start for FC Avenir. Although they lost the return match with a clear 0-5 at Bratislava and they didn't qualify for any European competition in the following season - due to some problems that were still hanging over from the previous season - they managed to write a little bit of Luxembourgish football history in the following years. In 1992 we won the cup by thrashing Spora with six goals to nil and qualified so for the, today no more existing, Cup Winners Cup. In the first round we were drawn to B36 Thorshavn from the Faroe Islands, an opponent on quite the same level as FC Avenir. We qualified for the second round by beating them 2-1 on aggregate. The bigger sensation was to come in this second round where we held Spartak Moscow to a goalless draw in the away match. Unfortunately we were brought back to earth in the home leg. We got beaten 5-1 by Spartak.
The 1992/93 season brought us our 2nd double win in the club history by winning, of course, the championship and beating F91 Dudelange in the cup final. Again in Europe, we were defeated twice by Rosenborg Trondheim, but only with tight scores (0-1 at home, 0-2 away). But this didn't stop our club to go on and realising even the "double double", e.g. winning the double in two consecutive seasons. Again poor F91 were to be beaten in the cup final! But this time we've had absolutely no chance in the Champions League qualification against Galatasaray from Istanbul who tought us a lesson in how to play football and they beated us 5-1 at home and 4-0 away. In the following 1994/1995 season we couldn't continue our excellent run of three cups and two championship wins in a row, it lasted "only" for a UEFA-Cup qualification.
But there we did it again! After a goalless draw at Örebro in Sweden we took a 1-0 lead in the 30th minute in the return leg at home and there was an atmosphere in the ground that has never been experienced before and was never to be experienced afterwards again! But Krahen was sent off, Örebro equalised and all seemed to be over. Only days later the UEFA court confirmed that Örebro SK fielded a 4th non-Swedish player and their 1-1 "win" was turned into a 3-0 win for FC Avenir and so we headed on to the second round where RC Lens from France awaited us. These two matches were destined to be our last international European appearances so far (June 2000). We went out by two thrashings (0-6 away, 0-7 at home).
The following years until the 1999/2000 season were all total disappointments, due to internal problems in the club, among the players, coaches etc... Only in 1998 we reached the cup final but we lost it 0-2 to CS Grevenmacher. And in 2000 we managed to qualify for the reintroduced championship play-offs, but there we lost four of our six matches in a disgraceful manner, which meant again no European come back for Avenir Beggen...


2000 until today

The new millenium did not bring along good news for Avenir Beggen, with an only exception that will be written about soon later in this paragraph. In all the seasons until 2004 included, the team did not qualify for the championship play-offs, a few times they even had to struggle against relegation until the last matchdays. The only and sensational highlight was the Cup win in 2002, when Beggen reached the final against F91 Dudelange. Against all odds, Beggen kept the score at level until injury time. The final corner, the final strike passed the Dudelange keeper and Beggen won their 7th Cup in their club history and for one season Beggen came back into international business - and how they did. They were very lucky in the draw and had to face Ipswich Town from England. This was to become the first time ever Beggen faced a British team in an international competition. As expected, FC Avenir went out (0-1 at home, 1-8 away), but the financial income was quickly spent again by another post-Mersch board that did not manage to solve the club's financial problems. Meanwhile the situation improved a bit, the club and its surroundings are about to concentrate onto the sporting things again and a new youth commission has been installed too. But the consequences of the financial cuttings meant a good National Division team could not be paid anymore and so Beggen went down into the Division of Honour in 2006 after 41 years of consecutive participation.

All the chairmen since 1915


  • 1915-1916 Deitz Francois
  • 1916-1917 Knood Emile
  • 1918-1920 Nickels Jean
  • 1921-1931 Morheng Jean
  • 1931-1933 Moitzheim Nicolas
  • 1934-1940 Schmit Nicolas
  • 1945-1946 Bichel Jean (interim)
  • 1946-1960 Schmit Nicolas
  • 1960-1961 Schmit Michel (interim)
  • 1961-1964 Schmit Michel
  • 1964-1965 Wies Pierre (interim)
  • 1965-1973 Hamilius Jean
  • 1973-1978 Diederich Gaston
  • 1978-2001 Mersch Théo
  • 2001 Rob Pascal
  • 2002 (kee President)
  • 2003 Gredt Bob
  • säit 2004 Hansen Jean

All the head coaches from 1945 till today in chronological order


  • Dubois Louis
  • Echternach Marcel
  • Majerus Georges
  • Echternach Marcel
  • Hilger Victor
  • Jungers Camille
  • Junck Willy
  • Berwick Joseph
  • Kremer Jim
  • Brech Walter
  • Boreux Marc
  • Cirelli Heini
  • Kirchens Josy
  • Krecke Georges
  • Philippe Jos
  • Macho Willy
  • Bettinger Jean
  • Adams Albert
  • Philippe Paul
  • Clement Michel
  • Nurenberg Jean-Marie
  • Pilot Louis
  • Adams Albert
  • Clement Michel
  • Pérignon Jacky
  • Scholten Théo
  • Delangre Etienne
  • Clement Michel
  • Weis Carlo
  • Monacelli Vinicio
  • Reiter Benny
  • Fiedler Jean
  • Pérignon Jacky
  • Clement Michel
  • Alijaj Florim
  • Gutierrez Fernando
  • Peixoto Manuel
  • Steffen Jos
  • Bucari Jerry
  • Wilhelm Lex
  • Rosal Pedro



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